The Hard Charger award was started in 1996 as a way to bring more prize money and competition to the race teams at Hawkeye Downs.


#1. Support ALL the sponsors that support YOUR Hard Charger Award. If you don't & there isn't a Hard Charger Award Series next year, Blame yourself.

The following classes are eligible for Hard Charger points and prize money this season: Late Models, Modifieds, Sportsmen, Stock Cars, Hobby Stocks & Hornets.

Hard Charger decal is available at the track on race nights from a Hard Charger volunteer.
It is your responsibility to make sure you have decals on your car.

The Hard Charger Decal MUST be prominently placed on BOTH sides of the car prior to the nights feature race to be eligible for points that night.
No Decal or Improperly placed Decal - NO POINTS

In order to assist you in the placement of the decals on the car you may cut the decal in half only once & the 2 sides Must be placed on the car together.

NOTE FOR MODIFIEDS - Please place decal somewhere other than behind front wheel - Due to limited space Modifieds have the option of cutting the decal into thirds & all pieces MUST be placed together. Improperly placed decals - No Points

The driver is awarded one point for each position the driver advances from the start of the feature race to the finish.
Example: Driver starts 10th and finishes 8th - 2 points.
Points are awarded to the driver, not the car

If the driver elects to start in a position other than the designated starting position by the track - No points are awarded.
Example: Supposed to start 3rd, but elects to start at the back of the pack.

If the driver is disqualified or penalized by the track, no points are awarded.

Driver must compete in Over 60% of the races to be eligible for prize money at seasons end.

Start - Finish information is from Hawkeye Downs. Any discrepancy should be brought to their attention first & corrected GO TO www.hardchargeraward.com To date the Hard Charger Award Series has paid out to race teams OVER $77,000.00 in Cash & Prizes THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF THE HARD CHARGER AWARD SERIES AND IT'S SPONSORS IN IT'S 23 SEASONS AT HAWKEYE DOWNS SPEEDWAY